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Dance & Vocal Auditions • Monday, January 14, 2019
Dance (Required) • 7:00-8:00 PM
Vocal • 8:00-10:00 PM
Callbacks • Tuesday, January 15, 2019 • 7:00-10:00 PM
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Three Rivers Music Theatre
212 Pearl Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

**If you are interested in auditioning, but are unable to attend the Monday auditions, please email to arrange an alternative audition time. We will be sure to see everyone interested.**


March 17, 2019 - April 18, 2019
Sundays - 6-9 PM • Mondays-Thursdays - 7-10 PM

Monday, April 22 • 7-11 PM
Tuesday, April 23 • 7-11 PM
Wednesday, April 24 • 7-11 PM
Thursday, April 25 • 7-11 PM

Friday, April 26 • 8 PM
Saturday, April 27 • 8 PM
Thursday, May 2 • 8 PM
Friday, May 3 • 8 PM
Saturday, May 4 • 8 PM
Thursday, May 9 • 8 PM
Friday, May 10 • 8 PM
Saturday, May 11 • 8 PM
Thursday, May 16 • 8 PM
Friday, May 17 • 8 PM
Saturday, May 18 • 8 PM
Strike - Sunday, May 19 • 11 AM - Until Completed


Please prepare one (1) of the provided selections from ONCE ON THIS ISLAND based on the role in which you are most interested. If you are interested in more than one role, please prepare one (1) selection, but indicate on your audition form all roles in which you are interested. Accompanist will be provided for the vocal audition and callbacks. A Cappella auditions will not be permitted. Please click the link below for access to the provided selections.



Ti Moune
(Teen-Early 20s) Female Identified.  Non-Caucasian. A naive peasant girl whose life is being led/helped by the Gods. The heroine.  Young, full of restless energy and fervor, she is immature and even a little selfish in her single-minded quest for freedom.  Initially her love for Daniel is little more than a focus for her dreams, but she grows in maturity, poise and genuine love later. Spontaneous. Requires a strong singer/dancer and an excellent actor/storyteller. Belter - G3 to E5

Daniel Beauxhomme
(Teen-Mid 20s) Male Identified. Non-Caucasian. A wealthy islander who is cared for by Ti Moune after a car crash.  Sensitive and poetic, he must be quite convincing as a romantic interest for the spirited Ti Moune.  His love for her is almost genuine, fuelled by her romantic view of him, and his betrayal of her is not cruelty but thoughtlessness and weakness of character. Strong Singer/Actor.  Tenor – B2 to F#4

(Any Age 20+) Goddess of Love. Non-Caucasian. A mentor for Ti Moune. Ethereal. Loving. The most approachable of the gods, but ultimately no less egocentric; by love she means romance.  Daniel is her choice for Ti Moune and in the end her concern is to prove her own power against that of Papa Ge. Requires a strong Soprano – B3 to E5

(Any Age 20+) God of Water. Non-Caucasian. A mentor for Ti Moune. Larger than life. Mysterious. Given that the sea and the weather are the most unpredictable and powerful elements of the peasants’ lives, they imagine Agwe as a commanding presence, but he holds himself rather aloof.  Requires a very strong singer with a dramatic voice and big range; Baritone/Bass – B2 to E4

(Any Age 20+) Mother of the Earth.  Non-Caucasian. A mentor for Ti Moune. Spunky. Happy. Personifies the peasants’ connection to the land, she is generous and good-humoured on the surface, but like all the gods feared by the islanders, her “motherly” facade is not to be trusted. Requires a strong singer and storyteller. Belter – A3 to E5

Papa Ge
(Any Age 20+) God of Death. Non-Caucasian. Antagonist to the other Gods. Embodying the fears of all the peasants, and easy to dislike, the storytellers will “cast” an outsider in the group, probably against his will, and he will carry some of that cynicism and bitterness into his “bargain” with Ti Moune. Baritone/Tenor – C#3 to G4

Mama Euralie
(30s-50s) Female Identified. Non-Caucasian. Ti Moune’s adoptive mother, protective, superstitious, fiercely loving and strong willed, her similarities often lead to clashes with Ti Moune. Caring, loving – a typical mother. Mezzo Soprano – F#3 to B4

Tonton Julian
(30s-50s) Male Identified. Non-Caucasian. Tonton is a French affectionate term for Uncle.  He is Ti Moune’s adoptive father, and from him she has learned the sacrificial love she demonstrates later. Caring, loving – a typical father. Bass/Baritone – A2 to E4

Young Ti Moune
(5-10) Female Identified. Non-Caucasian. Also plays the child for whom the story is told.  Energetic, confident, and sweet with a strong speaking and singing voice. Eb4 to Db5

Andrea Devereaux
(20s) Female Identified. Non-Caucasian. Daniel’s betrothed – she seems cold at first, but turns out to be both humane and determined – she pities Ti Moune, but despite having little affection for Daniel, she will not allow sentiment to interfere with her well-ordered plan for marriage. Mezzo Soprano – B3 to D5

Monsieur Beauxhomme/Armand
(30s-50s) Male Identified. Non-Caucasian. Daniel’s stern father. Reminds Daniel of the harsh realities of life. Not deliberately cruel, but determined. Represents the heart of aristocratic society. Doubled as Armand in the Tale of the Beauxhommes. Bass/Baritone – A2 to D4

All ages, all gender identities, all ethnicities. Narrators of the story of Ti Moune.  Strong Singers, Dancers, Storytellers.


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